Friday, November 5, 2010

Seagrove Pottery Wood Kiln Openings this weekend

Image from Cady Clay Works website

Cady Clay Works and Ben Owen III will be having a Wood Fired Kiln Opening this weekend, November 6, on Saturday.
Theses two potteries are just down the street from one another! A two and one kiln opening day.
To see a preview of Ben Owens III work visit his website. He has images of some the pieces that he pulled from his recent wood kiln.

The Pilot has a article in their newspaper today.
......"Mellage and his wife, Beth Gore, fire their Anagama each fall. Their unusual kiln stair-steps a steep slope behind their studio to take advantage of natural drafts created when heat rises through the kiln from the firebox at the foot of the hill to the tall chimney at the top of the hill.".... To read more visit the Pilot's website.

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