Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chapel Hill Challenge-Why are folks throwing pots around 705?

In the Chapel Hill's Herald Sun there is a weekly challenge question that the readers can answer to win a special prize. This past weeks question?

"Why are folks who live near Highway 705 in the Piedmont Triad always throwing around pots?"

There was a winning answer!
According to Falconer, "Highway 705 runs through the Seagrove area, known for pottery, and has been designated by the state as the official NC Pottery Highway."

Well, I for one will agree with that. What were we doing yesterday and what will we be doing today? .... drum roll please.... Yes you are correct! Throwing pots.
..."According to, "This small 'Seagrove area' of central NC has been home to many potters since the late 1700s. Potters who grew up in NC pottery families, locals inspired by NC pottery traditions who learned their trade at Seagrove area community colleges, and potters from elsewhere attracted by the Seagrove pottery community run the nearly one hundred Seagrove area pottery shops. There are a few pottery shops in the town of Seagrove, which is also the home of the NC Pottery Center, but many more potteries are located in the surrounding rural area. "

To read more of this answer visit the Herald Sun! And a thank you goes out to the people working there for thinking about us over here.

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