Friday, December 4, 2009

Collaboration among the Three Corners

Above is an image I took during the set up of the Celebration of Seagrove Potters at the Historic Lucks Cannery.

I just read about a wonderful and interesting collaboration happening among local small businesses in region of Three Corners Clay.

These include: Mistletow Meadows / Flowers on Main in Troy / Trees NC / Seagrove Potters

Take your time reading through this post and article, and please visit the links that I have provided. There is a lot of information here to take in. This is great news of collaboration and cooperation to those of us that live here in the corner of the three counties, Montgomery, Randolph, and Moore.

Tomorrow on December 5, 11:00am at the Seagrove Elementary School in downtown Seagrove the NC Trees and Seagrove Potters will be planting two trees donated by NC Trees.

Here are some highlights from the news release. To read the complete article visit the Celebration of Seagrove Potters website.

"Mistletoe Meadows donated 3 large trees, wreaths and greenery for this year's event held at the Historic Luck's Cannery." Owner Joe Freeman operates a retail lot on Dixie Drive in Asheboro, but the majority of the revenue generated by his acreage in Ashe County, Moore County, and VA comes from wholesale business."....

"The Mistletoe Meadows trees and greenery were decorated in an elegant, traditional fashion by Tom Williamson, owner of Flowers on Main in Troy, NC. Tom is a long-time pottery lover and collector who has volunteered to help create the d├ęcor at Celebration for the past 2 years."......"These trees will be re-used by the Shiloh Historical Association of Montgomery County, decorated once again by the very talented Tom."

Note: This morning I read an article in the Asheboro's Courier Tribune, by Mary Anderson about the 23rd Shiloh Tea held by the Shiloh Historical Association at the historic church near Troy. To read more about this event, (which is also happening tommorrow) visit the Courier Tribune's website and read about the events tomorrow at the historic Shiloh Church.

"In October 2009, Owen George, Co-founder of TreesNC, a citizen-based organization in Asheboro that emphasizes ecological stewardship and community collaboration gave two very well received presentations to the Seagrove Area Potters Association and the Seagrove Town Council. The overall theme is the formation of a new chapter of TreesNC, called Trees Seagrove. TreesNC donated trees and landscaping to the Seagrove Library in the past. This year they donated 2 live trees to help decorate the 2nd Annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters. The trees will be among those planted this Saturday, December 5th, 11 a.m. at the Seagrove Elementary School."......

Interested Seagrove residents can contact Owen George at 336-558-6966 or through their TreesNC website.

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